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Help Us Restore the Roseville General Store

Here are a few comments that people have made about the cause!

"Switch and Mary--Just a little more to add to your Roseville Store donation total.
We were amazed at the progress you've made by Labor Day Week-end.
Good Luck. " 

Patrick & Susan McDonnell,

Charles City, IA


Our 1st time here, loved everything!
We'll be back every year. God allowing!
Randy & Aure M.


"My dad was born here."   Note:  a Sinnwell family did use the store as a private residence
for a period of time)

Linda Sinnwell Hardt


When I was a kid we lived at the first place east at my grandmother Marzens.  My brothers Leo and Earl used to buy three 22 short rifle shells for 1 penny.  Peter Koenigsfeld would say, "boys, I will do this just for you.  I will set the rest of the box on the window because I can not sell a part of a box.  When you come again be sure to mention it to whoever is working."  All the while he was grinning.

Eugene Nikolas


Congratulations on all you've accomplished with your store. Please keep in touch. We are interested and so are our readers (Greene Newspaper)."

Fred & Sylvia Hawker

Greene, IA


"Hope this helps. It's good to see it at the 7 mile corner."

Willard & Lila Feltus

Charles City, IA


"We would like to show our support to your club by donating money to move the general store!  We enjoy parking cars for you and this is just a small token of our appreciation to your club from our chapter.  Sincerely,


Anna M. Paulus

Rockford FFA Secretary


Dear Al and Mary,

First of all I would like to thank you for your endeavors to "revive" the Roseville Store, also, we wish you a great success.  Back in the mid-1040's, when Grandpa Peter still owned the store. Uncle Lawrence always gave me a pickle, hence, "Pickle" was my nickname. Along the way it was shortened to "Pick".  Here it is some 60 years later and in some circles I am still called "Pick", thanks to grandpa Peter, Uncle Lawrence, and the Roseville Store!


Good Luck

Lee "Pick" & Sandi Koenigsfeld

Union, MO



Al, Thanks for all of your hard work on this project, Jim Davis, Charles City, IA


Hi Al,  I'm Lisa Craven, Mary Koenigsfeld Craven's youngest daughter.  I think what y'all are doing is awesome. Mom called me the other day and gave me the website and I've spent some time today checking out the pictures.  I teach 3rd grade in Houston and my kiddos thought the pictures of Grandpa Dan were awesome.  They really liked his hair in one of them.  But they also think it's neat to see such "old" stuff.  I am grateful that the year of the big auction, I was in college and was able to be there.  I purchased Grandma Dora's sewing rocker.  I display it in my house and tell everyone just where it came from.  I'm not old enough to have any memories of the store but I am glad that it is part of my family history.   Again, thanks for doing this and hopefully I'll be able to send a donation in the near future.  Lisa Craven, Houston, TX


Dear Al, I happened on this while looking up the Cedar Valley Engine Club on the internet.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have been a small part of history. From about 1960

to 1963 I attended Rockford school, K to 3rd grade. Our bus route happened to be near this area. On the last day of school our driver would kidnap the whole bunch of us and head a bit out of the way to the store and we all got to pile out and get Popsicles and each had a bag of candy. Also I can never forget the many trips with my dad to the Vala Lumber Company. Later years my dad would say," What a shame that store was closed." Then he would tell me how Lawrence was able to raise a whole family of 11 out of that one store. Imagine!  Where do you find things like that today!! Enclosed is a check for barely interest on the loan for all the kindness and generosity I received. Thanks a million to 2

who are worth more than a million--Lawrence & Marcella! 

Sincerely Yours, Tim Vala. Roswell, NM


My husband, Roger Fullerton, owner of Mosher Electric in Rockford did a lot of work for both the Roseville church & school.  He very much enjoyed his friendship with both Lawrence and Marcella Koenigsfeld.  Maxine Fullerton, Rockford, IA


I hope your project continues and the store gets situated and the donations come in.  It has been good visiting with you and following the story of Roseville Store. Love and prayers, Louie Koenigsfeld


Hello, I read your article on the Roseville Store. That is so neat. My cousin Patrick Marzen sent this to me. My grandmother, Rose Naumann lived in the house next to the store. As a kid I remember going to the store. My mother is Ruth Naumann. I was very saddened when I was there this past summer to see her house was gone and just corn fields. And the store was empty. I am very excited for the store to reopen. I think that would be a great thing. Good Luck on the project. Michelle Eash


What a wonderful idea. We  "kids" have so many wonderful childhood memories of the store. Rose (Merfeld) Leaver Statington, PA


Koenigsfeld Family, What a great idea and undertaking to have the Roseville Store moved to the grounds of the Cedar Valley Engine Club..  I have so many memories of your store and am thrilled to see it will be preserved and restored.

My father, Leander, had to have his "Pep" cereal and there was no better "dried beef" than at your store.  Personally, I waited in your store for four years for the school bus to pick me up at the corner when I attended Marble Rock High School from 1953 to 1957. I am looking forward to stepping inside the Roseville store again one day!

Mary Jeanne (Merfeld) Stadler--Grand Junction, CO


Hello, My name is Michael Koenigsfeld and I want to help with your project. My parents are James and Janice Koenigsfeld of Ionia and my grandparents are Leo and Suzanne Koenigsfeld of Ionia. I have no money to donate but I have time and skills in which I would like to contribute to the cause. I am an experienced carpenter with tools and many resources. I also have experience in glass and glazing. I went to college for art and drawing, photography, and sculpting. Please let me know what I can do because I can be a very good asset.

Michael J. Koenigsfeld  Charles City, IA


Switch and Mary, Here's the check. Thanks for all your work. Tell the movers to be gentle with the old place!

Take Care,   Father Jim Koenigsfeld Durango, CO


I enjoyed the photo gallery.  What a nice web site.   I used to run out when I saw the grocery truck coming because I knew I would always get a sucker.     In later years, Lawrence brought me a sucker when he came to my home for a meal when I had a family of my own.  Angie Smith


"Good Luck with your ambitious effort to preserve a big part of our local history."

John Merfeld


"The Old Store" brings back fond memories of visits during recess when I was a student at the Roseville School. It was the original Convenience Store. We'll be looking forward to seeing the "Old Store" in its new location. Good Luck!

Roger & Edna Merfeld


The site looks awesome!! Rob Schmitt



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