Roseville Store—Built 1903

About Us

The Koenigsfeld Family is looking to raise approximately $20,000 to move the store and $20,000 for restoration once the store is on the permanent site.

We will be working to move the 104 year old Roseville General Store three miles to the Cedar Valley Engine Club grounds.  This will be a big adventure and we are seeking donations to cover the costs of moving the store to a new foundation and then restoring it to preserve more of our heritage. 

Currently the cost of moving the store is high due to having the utility company raise several lines on the journey to the permanent location. 

We appreciate any amount you wish to donate.  Checks can be made to the Cedar Valley Engine Club, PLEASE INCLUDE Roseville Store IN THE MEMO so that this TAX DEDUCTABLE donation will be directed to the store restoration fund.


Any donation is greatly appreciated!

Help Us Restore the Roseville General Store