“The Store”, the rebirth...

The Roseville General Store was always known for being a friendly place to gather and once again it proved to be true.


1,229 people from Iowa, Pennsylvania, Kansas, California, North Dakota, Colorado, Oklahoma, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Arkansas, Germany and Finland toured the store over the 2008 Labor Day week-end.


With a new foundation, new wiring, a shiny new roof, and a great set of steps the store was ready to open. (After sitting empty for 40 years the family was amazed that every florescent light bulb still worked!!)


Thanks to Club member, Richard Aissen, a 1947 Chevy closely resembling the Koenigsfeld 1946 family car was parked outside the store. Joining it were one model A and two model T’s provided by Clyde Clark.  The store looked like it had lots of customers when the visitors arrived.


Upon entering the store people were greeted by Koenigsfeld family members inviting them to sign the guest book. They were then guided to begin a Timeline Tour beginning with the store’s builder Jake Kiefer and continuing through the 30’s, 40’s 50’s 60’s and up to the present. There were lots of photos and written history to give people much information about what has been accomplished. A shelf with a small sampling of products proved to be very interesting to people. Original banners with product names and prices hung from the wire across the ceiling and original ad posters and prices adorned the walls.


Many people had shopped at the store “back in the day” and were very curious and excited to see it again. They had wonderful stories to tell.  Others had seen it on the news and in the papers and wanted to experience the store for themselves.


Tremendous conversations, questions, and reminiscing took place all three days. People bought an ice cream bar, sipped a cold water, or bought a post card.  Many sat around the tables relaxing, visiting  and enjoying  the feeling of being in the 105 year old store. It was a great beginning for our huge project.


We would like to thank everyone who visited, and those who returned with treasures for the store, and those who gave donations of money. We thank the Cedar Valley Engine Club for its continued support. We have lots of hard work ahead and hope people come back every year to check out our progress.


See “ya” at the store!





Any donation is greatly appreciated!

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